Daddy, what’s wrong? – TEGAN & SARA

tegan and saraI don’t remember most of the episode nor the events leading up to it. All I remember is Adam Driver sitting on a bench somewhere in New York (or was it even him?) as the dusk was settling on the horizon. I was recently binge watching “Girls”, and as much as I liked the series, what I really walked away with was a song. Lena Dunham had asked twin duo Tegan and Sara to cover the Rolling Stones ballad “Fool to Cry” for the show. To be fair, I had no idea it was a Stones cover until I did some digging around. (“Girls” soundtracks are a slam dunk of brilliance by the way with Robyn, Fleet Foxes,  Icona Pop, Jake Bugg… all masterminded by music supervisor Manish Ravel who’s a real wizard in setting music to mood.)  I don’t know if it says more about Mick & Keith (Fool to Cry was originally recorded for the Rolling Stones 1976 album “Black and Blue”) or the brilliance of Tegan and Sara, but the sweet simple melody fell like soothing rain at the end of quite a heart-rending episode. The melting harmonies, the light guitar, the weary lyrics of apprehension, all end up as a surprisingly consoling piece of music. Like a deep exhale after a long day. Or a warm hug after an even longer year.


I Swear I’ll Behave- MAROON 5

Maroon 5 showcases naked torsos, glittering confetti, Liza Minelli lashes, Xtina vocal gymnastics, hip thrusting models and Adam Levine’s tattooed biceps. And still the whole lot gets upstaged by 20 seconds of archive footage of the half man, half lips, all legend Sir Mick. When Levine sings he’s got “moves like Jagger”, we all know what he means: slitheringly sexy, outrageously flirty and oh, so titillatingly naughty.  Oh, what would I give to have been able to see the young rebel Mick in action, holding Hyde Park (Stones In The Park 1969) enraptured with his snake hips and peacock strut. I would’ve queued for hours in my finest flares and Isadora Duncan scarves for a slice of the sexual revolution. But, alas, I’m going to have to make do with this frisky little disco thumper complete with the most addictive whistle hook since Otis Redding was sitting on the dock of the bay. Catchiest Maroon 5 in years.

Please note, the video below is the explicit version with a few naughty bits. If that’s not how you roll, click for the PG version here.

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