mixThis blog is about music. All kinds of music. I have finally managed to wear out family and friends with my endless rants about songs and bands and well,  just generally about music I’ve heard. So I’ve taken to cyberspace to announce

These songs inspire me and hopefully speak to you as well. At the very least I hope you discover songs and music through this blog. From the very first time the needle of my record player hit ABBA’s Waterloo LP some 30 years ago, it ignited a love of music that has never wained and has directly led me to this blog. The world is full of fabulous music. Discover it. Share it. Love it.
And most importantly, support the artists and BUY it!!!

This is my mixtape, I made it for you.
Much love,



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  1. This is great! Anyone who loves ABBA is a-OK in my book! Thanks for the music tags and sharing the goodness!

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I like yours too; there are too few people who are confident in their own taste! I’ll add you to my blogroll when I get my act together here…

  3. Thanks for the compliments on our site.

    We enjoyed yours too, so you’ve been added to our blog roll.

    on behalf of thiszine

  4. LOVE your blog! I will start including a song or two on my blog, which is about career, relationships … and shoes. But one can’t deny that no matter what the day brings us, there’s a song for it.

  5. Nice blog! Thanks for stopping by on mine and your compliment! I admit I don’t know too much about music so you’re blog is perfect for getting me beyond the usual Pop, Rap, RnB stuff on the radio.

  6. I am going to admit, I haven’t read much through the blog. But the name caught my eye… reminded me of a book I read several years ago called Love is a Mix-tape:
    It was a pretty good book and as someone who grew up in the days of cassette tapes it really stuck with me. Anyhow just thought I’d recommend it. And, No, I am not the author, agent, publisher, friend of author, Dad of author, brother of author, etc… LOL.

  7. This is a wonderful blog concept. While I’m sure I’ll occasionally be forced to shake my head in disbelief at some of your choices, taking this journey together will be exciting and keep me on my musical toes.

  8. Absolutely love reading through other people’s musical tastes. I read ‘mixtape’ and new I had to read on. I get obnoxiously passionate about music, and it seems you do, too. I dig it!

  9. For lovers of Accordion & Bandoneon.

    F.P. Luthier ´s Collection. A selection of the best ones new and recovered units; Piano-Accordion and buttons. Instruments for professionals musicians and collectors./
    Marcas:Excelsior, Dallapé, Frontalini, Cooperativa, Scandalli, Hohner …
    Sonidos/ Sounds: Organtone/ Octavino; Celeste suave, blanco; Mussete, -full Mussete.

    Greetings from Spain.
    F.P. Luthier

  10. Mix tapes make and break my heart, all the time… I’m in love with well-thought out play lists.

    Ah, this place is great… I’m addicted to blogs about music. Because, well, I love music…

    And so, far, I’ve enjoyed this place. Keep up the awesome work 🙂

    Mmm… Sometimes I wonder if it’s normal that I constantly need to be saturated by music in order to get through the day… Ah well… Y’know…

  11. Thanks for your comments on my blog. As you’re into music, do you know about this blog called Turntable Kitchen – it’s great because it’s about food and music at the same time 🙂 – it’s nothing to do with me or my blog but maybe you might like to check it out

  12. Love, love, love your blog title! I used to make mixed tapes like it was my job. I’m even part of a group on Facebook that’s called “I used to make mix tapes as a kid.” I still have most of them. Mixed tapes, CDs, playlists, absolutely love making all of them. Look forward to reading about the music you love!

  13. It’s nice to see someone writing about something they like rather than playact the critic and take things apart 🙂 Interesting selection of songs that you have here. I’ll keep checking back for more.

  14. I have some idea of your views on awards your post on that got me introduced to a few other bloggers most notably Elliot at brain splats. My own are very guarded. I do believe that it’s important to show one’s appreciation for another whose work evokes respect and admiration. But at the same time it should be merited and not gratuitous. I’ve been following your posts for a while and I’d like you to know that I thoroughly enjoy these. I have taken the liberty of nominating you for a ‘Sunshine Award’. There are NO strings attached and it’s perfectly fine for you to ignore it. There’s absolutely no need to take cognizance of the rules – it can get quite meaningless if it’s done as an obligation. If you’d like to get to know a bit about it, you could check this http://dyingnote.com/2012/06/04/sunshine-in-my-life/ .

    Thanks for the work you do on your blog. You bring much joy.

  15. Thanks for such positive comments on my blog about the music of industry. I love your blog. This is cool and quirky and frankly, adorable. Can’t wait to read more of your recommends! Love, Marla

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