Legend Of The Phoenix- DAFT PUNK

Daft-Punk-YSL-2The very first thing I want to offer you is an explanation. I Made You A Mixtape has been silent for better part of three months now. Oh, I have thought of you often. I have berated myself many times for having the inclination  but not the occasion. I have felt the pull of the silver strings and the frustration of music slipping by. In the end my explanation is a very prosaic one. I have started another website with a friend of mine, and the setting up and creation of a whole online presence has been time-consuming, an all-embracing learning curve of a bonanza. And the whole time I felt a bit sheepish, like I was cheating on I Made You A Mixtape, even though I always knew I would return to my first love, music. So, Marthafied is now up and running and doing its own thing and I am finally back from the cyberspace trenches, so… whadda’ya say- shall we dance?

Imagine the tiled dance floor that lights up with different colours in time to the beat. Maybe there’s a disco ball glittering up above, and the smoke surrounding the floor is the tobacco kind, not the dry synthetic kind. That’s Nile Rodgers riffing on the guitar. The groove chugs along as you close your eyes and try to remember some Travolta moves, but in the end it doesn’t matter anyway, the rhythm is gonna move you. But then you wake up…hang on a second… what year is it?! It’s 2013 and Daft Punk are breaking Spotify streaming records with their chic disco ripple, their first single in eight years. They do have disco legend Nile Rodgers on guitar and the falsetto toned Pharrell Williams on vocals and according to some, also possibly the biggest (and most anticipated) album of the year in their hands. Wether it’s because the music landscape has missed these electro robots (Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter from Paris, France) or they are spinning one of the most successful promo campaigns in modern history, (a cookie crumb trail of teaser clips during SNL and Coachella which out buzzed the bands actually performing there) many are hailing Get Lucky the first big hit of Summer of 2013. Whilst most of the artists on the charts try to sound like it’s 1990s again, Daft Punk are playing with the past. Literally. Not only do they have the already mentioned Nile Rogers on board, they hired 80s session pros to fill in the musical puzzle. Y’know, the guys who were the slick machine behind Michael Jackson and his peers. In an interview De Homem-Christo said “The 70s and the 80s were the tastiest era for us.” For you and me both, brother, for you and me both.


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