cd-phillipphilllipsI can’t stand Dave Matthews (the band). It seems to be mandatory to mention Dave Matthews when talking about Phillip Phillips, or maybe that was only during Phil’s tenure at Idol last year, but nevertheless, I have never been able to stand Dave Matthews with his nasally rasp (is it just me but does he sound menacing to anyone else?). Funny then, given all the comparisons, I don’t have the same problem with Phillip Phillips. I love Phillip Phillips. I love the fact he stuck to his guns on Idol and wore his grey T-Shirts with pride. I love how he just stood there in the spotlight every week turning each song on its head so many times it came out as a Phillip Phillips original, and I love the place where the music comes from. Deeply rooted in the fertile soil of a land called Meant To Be, the sound is re-assuring, steadfast and so grounded. Under the starry skies, in the glow of paper lanterns, on barefoot surrounded by fireflies, something so absolute in an existence where nothing is certain is like a warm hug where none have been coming round your way for a long, long time. Phillip is about to set out on tour with Matchbox Twenty later this month, and if I was anywhere near the eastern seaboard, I would beg, steal or borrow to get a ticket. As much as I like Man On The Moon, I would do anything to hear it live.


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  1. Whilst I quite like this, I’m finding it too close to Oasis’s ‘Wonderwall’ – it’s even in the same key – and in my mind I’m mixing a mash-up of the two.

  2. Pretty good song, I used to kinda find Dave Matthews not to be my cup of tea, but over the years he’s become somewhat bearable if not even sometimes inspirational in certain instances.

  3. I rather go to the dentist than listen to Dave Matthews. (however, have it be known I did go to one of his concerts – but I was young, stupid and tipsy). But Phillip Phillips – I was shocked when I learned the song “Home” was his. In fact, I thought it was Mumford and Sons. And “Man and On the Moon” is just as good. Looking forward to what else he brings to the table.

  4. I think anybody who cannot see the similarity between Phil Phillips and Dave Matthews must be tone deaf. How can you not hear /see that the guy is like a man possessed by Dave Matthews, with the same voice, the same mannerism, the same way of singing and acting on stage…The fact that people bring it up so often with regards to this artist is not a coincident!! I just don’t understand how can you like one and not the other. I mean, I love Dave Matthews and i simply cannot not like Phil Phillips cause it is such a similar music and it just appeals to the same kind of sensitivity. Phil Philips is younger, but not at all different from Dave Matthews!!! I just don’t get it. And this song is a perfect example!

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