NEW YORK CITY – Gary Clark Jr.

In life one should always have a plan B. (In case you’re wondering, I’m currently on plan D. A.A. Gill in Vanity Fair writes interesting adults are always the school failures, the weird ones, the losers and the macontents…so yeah… *woohoo* for me). Gary Clark Jr.’s mother told him he should have a plan B in case the guitar playing lead nowhere but a few bucks a night at a local beer joint. He said, sure, I have a plan B. If I’m not going to play the guitar I’ll play the drums. And if I’m not going to play the drums I’ll play the bass. Turns out there was actual talent behind all the passion and the conviction, but that sort of fire for music is sexy as hell… and yeah, the GQ looks and the guitar don’t hurt either. He plays the blues but with contemporary radio squarely in the back of his mind and definitely has his sights set much further than the local club circuit. He was this summer’s festival breakout star with Eric Clapton and Alicia Keys singing his praises as the saviour of the blues, and he may very well live up to the hype. His Bright Lights video alone has over 1 million hits on Youtube. I just love his raw vibe, his in-your-face riffs and that juke-joint swagger, its like finally there’s a real man in the house showing all those boybanders exactly where to stick it.


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  1. I saw him play in Stockholm this past Monday.:Great stuff. But I agree with “Dying note”, There’s too much comparison being made with Hendrix because his more souly stuff is just as good as the blues thing. So I hope he doesn’t get too intangled in his guitarr and will keep mixing soul/blues in his own way. 🙂

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