Take A Minute – DALEY

I’m nothing but captain obvious so I have to admit, at first I went for the hair. Look at it. It’s towering, defiant, stubbornly juddering forward, in a hurry to go somewhere and determined to get there before Daley. The first track I ever caught on Youtube began with conversations. The kind that go on in every bar on any given night, voices exaggerated by drink, points getting lost in the noise. I thought this is going to be one of those awful mobile phone jobbies where the music shrieks, the bar beats down the vocals and nothing else happens but a bad headache. What befell was a voice that should not happen in this gray little island of ours. That voice belongs to the gritty streets of the eastern seaboard, owns the universe, has written the book of stages and God forbid, should be kept out of the grubby little hands of A&R executives forever. Listen to this, whether you’re a man or woman, I dare you not to melt.  After two long years since I fell in love with”Pretty Wings”, finally a bona fide radio single is ready to take over the airwaves. Jessie J is lending her pulling weight on “Remember Me” to help kick some proverbial doors open and that hair remains as adamant as ever. I sometimes wonder what they put in the water over here, for these freewheeling and quirky brilliancies of nature to happen.


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