Billy Jean Is Always Talkin’ – MICHAEL JACKSON

July 16, 1988.  The morning was soft grey velvet, low hanging clouds, rain waiting, warm and still. It was us and a few dozen die hards at 7.30am when we took our places outside entrance D. The most amazing thing is, when I think back on it now, I don’t remember eating a thing. The entire day. I remember Pippa, my best friend and fellow MJ lover,  drinking from a red can of Coke, and someone shouting “how dare you!!” for Michael Jackson “only drank Pepsi.” I remember there were squabbles about people jumping the queue, a Michael Jackson look-a-like loving the limelight, and the time that just flew. And then we ran, we ran like hell on wheels across the Wembley tarmac. I remember one helpless usher spreading her arms “Don’t run!!”but the bleachers were just a blur in my side vision as we careened to front and centre. Out of breath, panting, we looked around, damn, we were too close, and we actually retreated a few rows. I remember being very worried about fainting. Then we sat down alongside the rest of our tribe wanting to conserve energy for the show. Kim Wilde came on stage and we watched in polite curiosity, we didn’t get up for her though. I remember Princess Diana, as a small yellow dot in the royal box, but it was close to showtime then, and the adrenalin was pumping and making my hands tremble and my heart flutter up to my throat. The crowd was on its feet, we were craning our necks, twisting in the packed crowd for the best vantage point, and then the ear piercing screaming started. I tried to say something to Pippa, but all sense was drowned by the crowd and the wailing guitar. Floodlights blinded us and then we were lifted off the ground. Literally. The crowd jumped in one heaving mass and my feet did not touch the ground. Bodies pressed, bass vibrating, and then… he stood there. Shiny and oh, so real. It was almost a surprise he was actually flesh and bone. The show… well, it was like I was in a movie. It was so real it felt unreal. The songs were liner notes in my head…from The Jacksons Triumph album…ooh…this is so beautiful…oh, he IS doing Dirty Diana…wonder if Billy Jean is closing the show… it’s starting to rain… this night should never end… And before I knew it, “Man In The Mirror” was closing the show, and I gazed up at the skies, my heart was bursting with pure love and joy. I wanted to cry but no tears came, so I sang. Me and Michael, we sang. I looked over at Pippa and she had the biggest smile on her face. And then we held hands swaying with the crowd and we all sang; make that change.


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  1. It seems like a long time ago now when an MJ release, or one by Madonna, or Prince was a big thing. We don’t get that in music very often now. I was never into MJ but my friend was. However I understand this experience in different ways because of the various things I have been into over the years. Top fun.

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