Little Black Heart- DIVINE FITS

Simplicity isn’t simple. It simply burrows to the brain quicker, stays there longer and delivers it’s impact in shorthand. The indie talent delivering a straightforward wallop as synth pop trio Divine Fits is staggering. All the more so as I have never heard of any of them. Google them and words like “gods” and “supergroup” ping like baseline volleys from one site to the next. I naively thought I had discovered a fresh little band from LA reminding me of Soft Cell circa 1981. Britt Daniel of Spoon, Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade and Sam Brown of New Bomb Turks  (I believe you blog world, but seriously who?) are taking a break from being indie royalty by flexing their new wave muscles on “My Love Is Real”, a no frills love song much in the vein of  Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love“. Maybe its my ‘no attention span nor tolerance for bullshit’  middle age years that made me take to this song like duck to water. You don’t need all the bells and whistles when all you really need to say about love is right here. Isn’t it always real until it stops?


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