I Will Fantasize – SPANDAU BALLET

If you walk down Great Queen Street today, what you’ll find is a relatively quiet street in the West End with a perfunctory Starbucks and a nondescript Italian restaurant chain. Stop in front of number 4 Great Queen Street, and there are no blue heritage plaques, (buildings of historical value can be awarded a ‘blue plaque’ by British Heritage) or exulted scribblings by zealous fans like on Abbey Road in North West London. I am surprised, for number 4 Great Queen Street is where the 80s were born. The fishnets, the neon make-up, the New Wave music, the big hair and the ruffled shirts, they all started with a group of flamboyant kids in the late 70s and early 80s gathering  at The Blitz Club (the most famous ‘Blitz Kid’ being Boy George) who were also known as the New Romantics. The club had its own house band, 5 working class lads from Islington who pounded away on a small basement stage night after night, shaping the look and sound of a decade. There were always flashier bands in the 80s, some with bigger worldwide pop appeal but none more integral in my opinion than Spandau Ballet. ‘Round and Round’ did not make much of a dent in the charts in 1984, but in its sweet simplicity it was always my favorite, and sounds just as poignant to me today. And Martin Kemp’s icy blue eyes… I could still drown myself in those.


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  1. Spandau Ballet are not a fave of mine I’m afraid, but I do like the stories of the Blitz club. It is amazing what came out of there. Kind of like the Liverpool scene of the late seventies, early eighties which spawned Teardrop Explodes, Echo and the Bunnymen, et al.

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