When the heat finally hits, it erases everything. It wipes away the past, it cares nothing for the future. All it does is simmers in the daylight and breathes in the nightfall. When it finally breaks, you forget its unrelenting grip as soon as its gone. As if you did not seek shade in the afternoon flare, or toss and turn in the velvet small hours of the morning. Only those of us who live in the Northern hemisphere romanticise our few sultry days of summer. And when autumn becomes the fall, we pray for a few more hot spells before winter takes over our lives. So, this autumn when life turns very black and grey, I will remember a gentle breeze over Waterloo Bridge and a city that reflected technicolour in its Olympic haze. And people smiled. Those of you who have not lived in London, may not realize how rare that can be. In my mind, this summer sounds like Melody Gardot’s “Mira”, dripping in honey and caipirinha’s, swaying to the bossa nova rhythm of heatwave afternoons. If only for a few precious days this year.


7 thoughts on “Felicidad – MELODY GARDOT

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  1. Lovely! (reminds me of Bebel) This song truly captured the terrific summer you gave to the world! Just this week the nights are dark and early here in the states and I too feel your sentiment.

  2. Oh how I long for a bit of British summer again…maybe just in a capsule form to take the edge off the all-encompassing heat, not so much as to get depressed! Haha. Great blog, it’s like a personal Pandora. I will be back again to listen some more, especially if there’s more of the lush bossa nova.

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