Waiting Around – COOKIE DUSTER

Cookie Duster. A full mustache capable of dusting cookies. Indie band from Toronto, Canada. Like Breakfast Club all grown up. The drummer is the jock. A musical collective of Canadian indie heavyweights, lead by Brendan Canning, the heaviest of them all. Used to have an impressive beard, never a mustache. Together a decade. Second album. Out now. Manna from heaven for  bloggers.  The most infectious chorus this side of Rockies. Happy pop music. Essential pub music. Mention of Broken Social Scene mandatory. Legendary Toronto band. Devoted followers. Complicated history. Cookie Duster gave birth to Broken Social Scene which then gave birth to Cookie Duster, again.  Vocalist Jeen O’Brien tough, scrappy and the best kept secret in the universe. Canadians are so cool.

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