Hello Strange – JOHN MAYER

That was then and this is now is harder than it seems. We’re a sum of parts that are bigger than the whole. The want to change is as old as the world, but most of us pick up, rinse and repeat. Those pieces are what make our memories, then become our experiences which form our habits and determine actions, and those are the building blocks we stand on. If that’s what we let go, what is left is not a clean slate but a void. So we may have the need and the want but most of us trudge on in the age old wisdom, where ever you go, there you are. John Mayer left interviews and girlfriends behind, ascended 4820 ft to Bozeman, Montana and came back down a mountain man. I don’t know if the shadows that drove him there got slayed in the Treasure State, but the 2 years spent in the western frontier must’ve thawed his bluegrass soul. Queen of California rolls on easy like clouds over Rocky Mountain skies. The best description of John Mayer I have ever read is, he’s got one hand on his heart and another one on your thigh. I don’t know about any spots but maybe the leopard is only wearing cowboy clothes.

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5 thoughts on “Hello Strange – JOHN MAYER

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  1. I love that description of John Mayer and love this song even more. With all the unopened CDs lying around at home, I’ve avoided looking for more. And now you’ve gone ahead and made me break that resolve 🙂

  2. You always pick good music, and then suddenly you pick one that is had-and-shoulders above the rest. It’s usually in a style I don’t like, and I instantly fall in love with it and make an exception. Thank you.


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