Somehow America still validates us. Since the  British Invation in the mid 1960s, we’ve used “breaking America” as some sort of yardstick for greatness.  “But couldn’t break America” is also an eternal coda to a career that got lost in translation, no matter how illustrious back home (I’m talking about you, Robbie). Past few years have been very good to British artists on the US charts of course. Wether it is because we’ve all homogenized (What, Taio Cruz is British?! As my buddy Christian exclaimed) or because popular culture has fragmented into million little pieces where nationality or time zones mean nothing, this week’s music news have been about Ellie Goulding entering the Billboard Top 10. “Lights” came out in the UK in 2010, charting at number 49. Funny how something catches the funny bone on the other side of the Atlantic without making many waves here. I thought I liked “Lights” before I heard Fernando Garibay’s (the man behind Lady Gaga) remix.  Now I can’t get enough of the damn thing! This whole glam dance treatment is hypnotizing!

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  1. It is kind of weird how the U.S. is behind with new breaking pop trends. European pop can be a little “too” poppy, but what’s coming out of the UK has been really fitting in the U.S. pop. I just wrote an article about Marina and the Diamonds and she was on top in the UK and not even on the radio here yet in the U.S…. I really like listening to Island Records because they’re on top of European pop music that is breaking into the U.S.

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