Trash Talk – NEON TREES

Neon Trees look like timetravelers recently returned from 1980s London where Boy George was let loose on their hair and leather jackets were donated by Depeche Mode. Then somewhere over 1995 they thought better of it, engaged a tone-it-down Utah filter and walked out of their time machine as bona fide 2012 pop stars. I had never even heard of Neon Trees until I asked a true hipster on the scene, my partner in crime Christian in Ohio who I should be listening to, who have I  completely missed on my radar. In a matter of hours my inbox pinged with a dead-on bullseye with Neon Trees and their hyper charged “Everybody Talks” pop number. I love the experience of discovery. I love the rush of revelation when the initial introduction gets your heart smiling and your adrenalin pumping and then you almost don’t want to continue in case the rest of the material does not live up to your expectation. Neon Trees delivers to me on all fronts, it’s like finally a band gets me. You’ve got your glam rock, your pop punk, your blue collar disco, all coming together in bombastic choruses to make one *old* lady very happy indeed. A perfectly crafted pop song must be one of life’s greatest pleasures. The 3 magical minutes when all the stars align and capture the moment in sound… life really does not have to be more special than this.


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  1. Cool video. This is an easy song to get to grips with on one listen. I shall check out more of their music. – n.b. I was having trouble playing the embedded file and had to play it in youtube.

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