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“There’s no point writing about music, all you have to do is listen.”  A quote I should’ve known before I wrote the worst music review EVER according to Jared (read it here) who then went on to eighty-six community colleges and my knowledge of music in general. Rather than engaging in tit for tat with Mr J. (I have no idea why he is so harsh on Community Colleges, I have never attended one but what’s wrong with some higher education, no matter where it’s from?) it got me thinking. What do I really know about music besides the way it makes me feel? Reading  recent reviews on Gossip’s fifth studio album ” A Joyful Noise”, it seems most critics agree it’s the beginning of the end for a band that should’ve become massive in the fierce magnetism of their rrriot girl Beth Ditto, but who have fizzled in the pop hands of British producing team Xenomania. And there I thought (ironically titled) “Move In The Right Direction” was a fun alt pop throwback to a classic Madonna vibe. And it makes me dance in my chair, even though I really should be working. So, I will continue writing about music, no matter how pointless, otherwise  I would just have to down tools, pack up my  gear and turn off the lights, but I may give that reviewing malarkey a rest. In this day and age when every tom, dick and harry (myself included) can play critic, I would just rather turn up the dial and boogie. Besides, why so serious, guys? What’s wrong with a bit of joyful noise?


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  1. That’s the thing about writing about – and especially reviewing – music. it’s so hard to do! What appeals to me may be nails on the chalkboard to someone else and vice versa.

    That’s why I love it when people write personal posts that have music as touchstones or points of reference. Reviews are kind of worthless to me in the long run except to give me an idea as to what to expect from an album. The Basement Songs series of posts over at PopDose is a good example of what I’m talking about.

    Keep up the good posts!

  2. It IS important to write about – share, really – music. I continue to be introduced to new – and a lot of it good – music mostly because I read. And I assume, like me, most people write because they like to.

  3. I read your original review, as well as Jared’s reply. I gotta admit — I was kind of baffled by his reaction. Your review, besides being well-written and succinct, demonstrates a working knowledge of Rowland’s musical background as well as a familiarity with Euro dance-pop in general. Given the length of the review, I thought you made your argument clear: Rowland is talented and needs better material to back her up because “Commander,” at best, is typical. At worst, it’s completely forgettable.

    Could the review have been a bit longer or cited more specific examples within the track or foregone mention of the video? Sure. Those might have been valid pointst, but hose were not Jared’s criticisms. Attacking community colleges is a cheap shot, and not a very funny one. (Besides, there are hundreds of terrific community college instructors out there. In a market glutted with PhDs and Master’s Degrees, where else CAN they go?) It is difficult for me to take someone’s criticisms seriously — especially when they’re upset with a review — if that person is unable to express him- or herself in an articulate manner.

    And really, worst review EVER? I can only guess that Mr. J isn’t much of a reader if this is the most upsetting review to ever cross his path. That, or he is the world’s most devoted Kelly Rowland fan. If that is the case, then he should have come out swinging with that. Stubborn adoration I can understand. Snarky jabs at higher education — not so much.

  4. I find your blog and posts very well written and your passion for music shines through each word, phrase and sentence. And I am sure many feel the same way I do about your work as is evident by those who comment, follow and visit your site. Keep up the great work (besides….I wouldn’t know what to listen to if you didn’t) Hugs from across the pond!

  5. To each his own. I agree, it’s all about the feeling. I personally didn’t find anything wrong with your review of Rowland. I write my music reviews purely on what it makes me feel and where it takes me. I don’t read any other reviews, I don’t want to be bias or influenced. Emotions speak loud and we all have our own opinions, regardless of what schooling we’ve had. Keep on writing, love it!!

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