Thousand Voices – GARY BARLOW

On a day when most of the country is experiencing Jubilee hangovers  literal or metaphorical, it seems rather presumptuous and self-centered to tie in a very pedestrian music blog to the biggest celebration the nation has seen in hundreds of years. When I first heard the song “Sing” written for The Queen’s Jubilee by Gary Barlow (Take That) and Andrew Lloyd Webber (known for his musicals like Phantom of The Opera) I was left completely underwhelmed by their conventional “schmaltzy” song including an oh-so-predictable children’s choir. (What did I expect them to create for an 86-year-old monarch? Drum and bass?) In fact for a few months now, I have been so underwhelmed by most music in general I have taken an unofficial break from this blog as I have felt there is nothing left for me to say. My existential music crisis aside, this weekend when the country settled in for 4 days of celebrations and rain, I caught the documentary of the making of “Sing” on television. To create the record, Gary Barlow travelled to all corners of the Commonwealth to find the voices and instruments that would complete the patchwork of music representing The Queen and her reign of 60 years. Not professional musicians or stars, but ordinary people with extraordinary gifts. And what I was completely swept away by, was the unbridled joy that came through these people. The happiness music brings them and the elation they share with the world around them. There are no top 10 lists nor stylists or entourages, but merely drums created from rubbish as in the case of the Nairobi Slum Drummers or a voice so celestial as in the case of the aboriginal singer Gurrumul, that it lifts the song to whole new astral heights. So, whilst I get over myself and my very literal Jubilee hangover, this weekend reminded me what this blog is all about. It’s all about joy.


4 thoughts on “Thousand Voices – GARY BARLOW

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  1. I don’t care much for the song but it’s good to see you back 🙂 There’s always good music – it’s just that sometimes one has to cast the net in hitherto unknown waters.

  2. Love the new theme, it’s even better than your others! Didn’t get a chance to hear the song yet, but I’m probably gonna enjoy it since I take part in a drum circle a couple of times a month.

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