On Monday 16th April 2012 the heavens looked dull with rain as I boarded my tube train heading east. People around me weight down by the looming week, London blurry in constant grey. There was a pile of filing waiting in my in-tray, coffee on infinite drip, chatter on dinners and weekend TV. Lunch was a wash out, a hasty sandwich at my desk, afternoon a race against the clock. When 5 o’clock landed it did so with a heavy thud; another day, another dollar, gone. And all the while I was settling in to  my predictable Monday routine, this was happening just a few miles away from my desk. Jack Savoretti is one of those uniquely European hybrids; Italian born in England, educated in Switzerland and effortlessly defying all linguistic and cultural barriers of the continent. His poet curls and Dirty Romantics backing band just beg for a cafe soundtrack, afternoons mired in heavy soup of coffee aroma mixed in with Jack’s soft and oh, so seductive voice. He has his sights set much higher than coffee shop daydreamers of course, and has already 2 albums under his belt. “Before The Storm” will complete the trilogy on May 28th. As much as I moan and whinge about London at times, I should remember how lucky we are living here. The world comes to us and you can find music everywhere. Even on a prosaic Monday afternoon.


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    1. I think last year was the first year- and due to its success, was repeated this year (ran from end of March to beginning of April). I think (hope) it will be a regular feature at St. Pancras…such a cool idea and a great way of checking out new artists/bands. Rival Sons from my previous post also performed at the festival (last year I think), so right up my alley…lol. They have a website:

  1. I thinks it’s a great idea too and I hope they keep it going. Thanks for the link. My wife was in London for a month 3 years back in Aug./Sep. on an observership at St. Thomas’s hospital, which is beautifully located by the Thames. She loved the city. Someday we’ll visit 🙂

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