My Ship Will Be Coming Soon – RIVAL SONS

There are rock stars amongst men. Not always famous, not always nothing but beams of light on basement stages playing to the back rows of stadiums in small empty clubs night after night. Roosters among men, they possess some tragic flaw pulling you in to their magnetic power field, elusive but almost always fragile under the surface. Some become the stuff of legends, repeated for decades, often years after their demise of bottles and powders and the complete freedom of letting go. Others step into their given spotlight, finally wearing the greatness that was theirs, others walk through  fame in uncomfortable shoes. But no matter who they are or wherever you saw them first, you look at them and go; I wanna be on that guy’s team, he holds the key. Jay Buchanan is a recent inductee to this hallowed brotherhood of men. His band Rival Sons is one of those bona fide rock bands, stemming from the blues and hours in darkened rooms, just four guys playing simply because they love doing so. There’s a rare and beautiful honesty that flows through “Face of Light” and when Buchanan hits his falsetto and lets it soar, it’s like floating on salvation.


2 thoughts on “My Ship Will Be Coming Soon – RIVAL SONS

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  1. I wish people’d stop insisting on comparisons but I guess it’s hard to – I find myself doing it too. ‘New Robert Plant’? I think Buchanan has a distinct voice of his own

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