Deception and Perfection- MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS

Remember when Garth Brooks wore a bad wig and put on weird tights and suddenly he was an Australian rocker called Chris Gaines? Except he wasn’t. He was Garth Brooks with rock-ish tunes and a wardrobe chosen  by David Lee Roth’s mom. I have always been confused with the need for artists to create alter egos. Let Beyonce have Sasha Fierce and David Bowie Ziggy Stardust, but on the whole, weather instigated by vanity, artistic boredom or record execs in search of a hit, all it mostly creates is hot air. A few years ago Marina and The Diamonds appeared as a slightly wacky, sardonic firecracker with a Top 10 hit “Hollywood” and a punky debut album “Family Jewels”. Two years on and she’s done a complete 180. The bombastic Marina is gone, replaced by a tragic LA blonde called Electra Heart with a sad “Mulholland Drive/Paris, Texas vibe” who looks like Lana Del Rey’s cutesy BFF. Fancy dress aside, I do love these acoustic versions of her new songs. On each one she takes on a different female role. “Homewrecker” is a fabulously off-kilter tale of woe in which a slightly demented vamp proudly trolls through her happily never after. Sinister and deliciously evil.


8 thoughts on “Deception and Perfection- MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS

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  1. I kind of figure artists do it so they can do something different and if it doesn’t work out, not have it affect their “regular” catalogue. If it works out they are some kind of artistic genius.

  2. Electra Heart is one of my favorite albums of the year so far. Marina hit this one out of the park IMHO. Although I liked her first album enough, there were a number of subpar songs. The biggest tragedy though is that one of her best songs, “Radioactive”, was left off the CD proper and is only on the deluxe edition as a bonus track.

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