I love the extravagant gestures. The dressing up as Verdi (in full period costume) for the opening night of the first Rufus Wainwright opera “Prima Donna” and the note-for-note recreation of Judy’s (Garland) famous 1961 Garnegie Hall concert. Then there’s the fabulous melodrama; the flick of the hair, the languidly crossed legs, the sharp self-deprecating quips. Rufus is like rich, effluvious Marmite oozing sticky salt beads on your breakfast plate, you either love him or he is an acquired taste. All the grandstanding aside, to me he writes beautiful, complicated, luxurious and exuberant pop songs with the nonchalant ease usually reserved only for the very talented, beautiful or rich. (Not to say he isn’t all three). And then there’s the delivery. The secrets of the universe could be found somewhere in the fragile folds of “Do It Again“, so vulnerable and pleading it is not interpreting a song, it is inhabiting a song. Out of the Game has a much lighter touch, a breezy West Coast “warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air” feel about it. It is best played echoing through the house on a sunny afternoon, shoeless and careless with a large glass of white in one hand and an imaginary microphone in another; all together now, get ready to join in…. “Look at you, look at you, look at you–  (at the top of your lungs go for it!! ) SUCKERS!!!”


6 thoughts on “Suckers! – RUFUS WAINWRIGHT

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  1. No matter what they say of Jeff Buckley’s version of ‘Hallelujah’ (and I like Buckley), I think Rufus Wainwright’s cover is the best I’ve heard of that song. I love that man’s voice

  2. Great song and great description of it. Love me some Rufus, and anything that involves a sexy librarian, much less Helena Bonham Carter as a sexy librarian, gets bonus points times infinity.

  3. I haven’t always liked Rufus Wainwright’s voice, but in this song it definitely worked. The video was pretty thought provoking & the lyrics were grand. Nice post!

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