There’s an unbearable lightness of being in The Walk, in its slick sheen hop skip of a beat. It’s feathery blue-eyed soul is bathed in the soft afternoon sunlight of my teenage weekends, most of which I  spent in the back room of a used record shop amongst rickety shelves and worn out albums. Black vinyl and Motown were like a drug to me, I was constantly looking for the sweet surprise of ‘Oh, this is new, I don’t have this one yet!’ Before the instant gratification of itunes there was the chase, the anticipation and the wild blue yonder of discovery. There is nothing sweeter, more perfect to me than the few seconds of expectation before the needle drops into the sharp black groove.  Mayer Hawthorne with his black rimmed glasses and indie nerd vibe looks more like a vintage record shop keeper than a falsetto voiced crooner of nostalgic Motown inspired melodies, and the two Brighton (UK) lads of Rizzle Kicks add a modern cheeky edge to this remix with their rap pop rhymes. Nothing comes close to my first love of Holland-Dozier-Holland penned classics, but the way I see it, half a love is better than no love at all, and this one keeps me yearning.


8 thoughts on “Pissin’ Me Off- MAYER HAWTHORNE ft. RIZZLE KICKS

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  1. I really love the original version of this song – really, the whole album is amazingly awesome. It was one of those albums that got me by the cover. I saw it on eMusic and wondered “who the hell is this guy?” The retro feel of the album really works for me because while it feels like 60s music, there is something about it that really is current as well.

    I have a feeling he would be pretty good as a live act.

  2. And she scores again 🙂 Another artiste that I got to hear for the first time here. Enjoyed this song.

    You must’ve had a lovely and very interesting childhood if you could spend a large portion of it in a record store, surrounded by music!

  3. Great pick and great writing! I was right there with you waiting for the needle to drop into the vinyl. I hadn’t heard this before so I loved that too.

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