Two things happened last week; Dan from This Man’s World introduced me to Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers (immediately turning me into a fan girl, check out their fabulous van sessions), and fellow blogger Elliot at Brain Splats gave Mixtape an award. Now, I have received awards before. This is by no means “I’m so full of my own magnificence” comment but rather a precursor to the error of my ways. I’m not ungrateful, but have previously regarded blog awards as more of a “spam element”. You know the kind… forward this to 7 of your best friends or the roof of your house will collapse or the sky will fall in etc. Admittedly blog awards don’t usually come with a threat attached but rather an obligation, you should pay them forward. Eliot in his (very clever) blog highlighted the community element of blogging.  We blog, we read, we comment, we follow, we discover, we interact, and most important of all, many of us have made new friends in the process.  All these wonderful, varied, creative blogs (way too many to mention here!!) and people behind them, how could I not salute you all, my blogging compatriots? Not to mention all my fellow music passionates who inspire, delight and amaze me on a daily basis. (With a special mention to Thom Cross- a great friend of this blog and a superstar in the making- listen!). So this Easter holiday I’ll be delighting in Nicki Bluhm’s raspy country rock whilst armed with my laptop, so you better buckle up blog world, there’ll be some awards coming your way!


7 thoughts on “Twice As Nice – NICKI BLUHM & THE GRAMBLERS

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  1. holy shmoly that video is amazing!! i play the kazoo but i need to start practicing if i ever want to be like that ;)…also, i can’t believe that’s all recorded in a van. i can only dream of ever being that talented…

  2. Thanks for the shout out. The Van Sessions are genius.

    And really, it’s the kazoo in that video that totally moves it from great to freaking amazing.

  3. Once again, great choice of music 🙂 I’ve got myself introduced to this nice set of music blogs that I check quite regularly – yours is one of them. But there’s a pleasurable danger in that. I often come across music new to me in these blogs and with the lack of availability of avenues like Spotify, Pandora etc., I end up importing more and more CDs which doesn’t do my bank balance any good. Ah well, I could do with a meal less a day….just kidding >;->

    I’m still on the fence on this blog award business. Like I commented on the Brain Splats post, it always feels good to be appreciated particularly by those you’ve come to respect. But there’s a an element of obligation attached which leaves me feeling very uncomfortable.

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