Wish It Could Always Feel This Way – SAINT ETIENNE

Some nights just pulse with electricity and expectation. The very French sounding but definitely British Saint Etienne have written a song about these special nights, when  the universe conspires  to reveal a door  to your very own rabbit hole to Wonderland. To Saint Etienne’s Bob Stanley, that rabbit hole leads to The Forum in Kentish Town, a small two thousand seater in North West London, where the walls drip with the hunger of bands on the up and the sweat of wasted icons balancing their bank accounts with guitars. My own personal hollow drop happened on October 12th 2006, when the newly again formed INXS took to the stage at Shepherds Bush Empire with a tight groove of a band who has pounded stages from red neck bars to stadiums for the past 30 years. It was the night when JD Fortune launched his megawatt charisma on the tough London crowd who stood at the ready; show us what you’ve got kid, Michael Hutchence owned Wembley and we were there. During the next 90 minutes something phenomenal happened. I could tell you, but you would’ve had to have been there. Waking up the next morning, I wasn’t even sure myself it had all been real.


3 thoughts on “Wish It Could Always Feel This Way – SAINT ETIENNE

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  1. And here I was listening to an INXS compilation (pre-JD) last night and when I wished the world g’night then, I meant it!

    Haven’t INXS separated from JD Fortune now?

    1. Yes, JD has (unfortunately) departed ways with INXS, however, hopefully he’ll go on to bigger and better things- I think he is an amazing frontman…too big of a talent to waste. I’m looking forward to his solo stuff!

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