Time To Adjust- PAUL WELLER

One of my favourite lines in a song is from “Sowing The Seeds of Love” (Tears For Fears, 1989) when Roland Orzbal at the end of the second verse quite randomly belts out “Kick out The Style, Bring back The Jam!” insinuating Paul Weller had sold out by disbanding his much-loved new wave/punk band The Jam in 1982. He moved on with a more soulful and dare I say commercial affair The Style Council (which is forever lodged in my memory for taking Wham’s back-up singer  Dee C. Lee with them. I made it my business to keep taps on all things Wham! as I was desperately in love with Andrew Ridgeley.) I was a music obsessive teenager and for the first time the lyric made me feel I was in on the joke, that I somehow belonged, this was my world and I understood the shorthand. Weller has remained that very British rock icon who still effortlessly exudes working class cool even though the angry idealist of The Jam has turned into a 54-year-old father of seven. There have been peaks and valleys, marriages and break-ups, booze and music and a lot of water under the bridge for both of us, but meeting Paul again in the lines of The Dangerous Age, it’s like running into a high school acquaintance in a crowded room. We may not quite recognise each other but a decade experienced in sound is ingrained in the backbone and shared in a quick nod of the head; I know you were there too.


5 thoughts on “Time To Adjust- PAUL WELLER

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  1. When you’re 54 you can’t go “Dis Is Duh Modern Wuwd”. Sad but true. I like that he is genuinely creative thirty years on, that he isn’t Cliff Richard, isn’t Paul McCartney.

  2. From Wham, to Tears for Fears, to Zac Brown Band…wow…remember A-Ha? Naked Eyes? I love it here…you GET me…

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