Internet is the new Jerry Wexler. The traditional A&R man with his aviator shades and Barry Gibb bristle is a dinosaur. (Wexler is the reason we all know Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and Ray Charles.) The digital age has changed our world and our music, and let’s face it, magic rarely happens on an A&R department’s profit and loss sheet. With the music industry’s increased focus on how to turn mouse clicks into greenbacks, the internet has stepped in as the burning heart of music. Music blogs are the new wall of sound. Get an influential blog like Pitchfork behind you, and you too could become Arcade Fire. (This is not one of those blogs by the way. Sure, I have featured a blog band or two but that has always been after the horse has already bolted, no one could ever accuse me of discovering the new Nirvana.) LA’s Electric Guest are popping up on many a clued-in bloggers’ playlists and twitter feeds with their Danger Mouse produced indie Motown stomper “This Head I Hold”. It’s infectious, it’ll get stuck in your head with its own replay button, make you clap your hands and shake your groove thang no matter who’s watching. There’s no hiding from this song, it’ll hold you hostage for days. Now, if I were Pitchfork, I’d throw some real muscle behind this band. They are going to be huge.


6 thoughts on “Guess I’m In Love- ELECTRIC GUEST

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  1. Well-written…as usual 🙂 You may not be entirely correct about your not being a discoverer of bands – these days musical acts are usually the discovery of multiple agents. But perhaps it’s not something you care much for? Anyway, I found Electric Guest here and thank you for that! I believe they play at SXSW this week. I will look forward to hearing more of them

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