Descent To Madness- LADYHAWKE

Four years ago Ladyhawke did the unimaginable. She released an album so authentically 80s, it was like I hit the snooze button and woke up in 1985 with watermelon lip gloss matted to my pillow and Dire Straits on a hellish loop on MTV. She came skulking from the plains of Wellington, New Zealand like a reject from Shermer High School, eyes smudged black declaring a rebel attitude and a back pocket full of Breakfast Club songs for a new generation. The follow-up has taken not only longer than expected but a move to London and a stint in South of France, holed up in a studio producing what I call “Ladyhawke, the college years”, or the more mature sounding “Anxiety”. The first single “Black and White and Blue” has some serious guitar slinging in addition to an Abba-esque chorus, appealing to the nostalgic in me, but also enough punch to make it a thoroughly modern classic. With the sad news of Whitney’s passing this week I am probably more sentimental than normal, but I think I speak for a generation when I say- back in the day who would’ve thought we would one day live in a world where  Whitney didn’t reign, Michael wasn’t indestructible and it was Madonna who grew old. I’m just saying.


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