Liquify Dreams- JAKWOB

Do you remember in the 70s when suddenly everything was disco? Crooners were crying in their martinis, rockers were gaping in horror at the oncoming hustle and careers where falling like dominoes. You couldn’t get a song played on the radio if it didn’t have that four-on-the-floor beat, so in desperation everyone was releasing disco versions of their songs, no matter how inappropriate. The disco craze may have inadvertently given birth to the remix culture, or turntabalism as it was known in its infancy. Nowadays DJs seem to be more at home in recording studios than danceclubs and are often stars in their own right. Recently in England dubstep has emerged as the genre to add credibility to chart success and Jakwob is one of those talented remix wizards who has given artists like M.I.A and Ellie Goulding the dubstep treatment.  They say with his mainstream leanings Jakwob is the one to finally bring dubstep to the masses, and I don’t doubt it one bit. His much awaited solo debut is an eclectic dance number that mixes dubstep with jungle and works Jetta’s slick vocals to produce a sound that truly electrifies.


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