Écoutez Ma Prière- LULU GAINSBOURG

Lulu (Lucien) Gainsbourg is French Johnny Depp. The same aloof charm, the same boho locks falling over the eyes and the same exotically beautiful features. Son of the legendary artist Serge Gainsbourg, his father’s astounding legacy exetends its tentacles over everything and everyone even remotely connected to him in France. Perhaps as a concession to his nowhere to run-nowhere to hide heritage, Lulu’s debut is a collection of his father’s greatest hits with personal jazzy interpretations and a  few superstars thrown in, presumably to introduce Serge’s classics to a wider world. The French-ified Johnny Depp appears with partner Vanessa Paradis,  Scarlett Johansson makes a very alluring turn on “Bonnie and Clyde” and even Iggy Pop gets in on the action, and in French no less. Language is the barrier that has always stood between Serge and Sinatra type fame, his songs are so pegged by the saucy intricate lyrics the melody becomes almost secondary, or so I’m told, I don’t understand a word. I’m just easily seduced by the Latin beats and Lulu’s sexy vocals. So, I just close my eyes and let the rhytmn transport me to the Latin Quarter, to the small alleyways and smokey bistros, where French heels click daintily on cobblestones and the men make you go weak at the knees.


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