Call My Bluff- MONA

Nick Brown has some brass balls. He may just be a punk from Dayton, Ohio but his band Mona are here to save rock’n’roll. And be bigger than Bono. Confidence is sexy. It can also fill your head with a lot of piss and make you announce Robert Plant claimed Mona nailed the blues better than Led Zeppelin, but hey, the meek may inherit the earth but they never sell out stadiums. And that’s exactly where he is aiming to go, to drive their hook laden gritty rock sound to a pit ring near you. There is a whiff of Kings of Leon about them, sure, but its the whole chicken or the egg thing. If the Followill brothers had not set Sex On Fire in 2009, who knows, it might have been Mona Shooting The Moon. Sometimes there is just a sound the cosmos is ready for, and rarely its a slam dunk  for just one band. Mona spent 2011 on top of many next big thing lists in the UK and experienced the best the good ol’ Blighty has to offer; torrential rain, oceans of mud and the greatest rock’n’roll festivals on earth. They are going back home for 2012 as their debut finally gets its star making turn in the US. I can totally respect a band who are exactly what it says on the tin. Four guys with huge ambition, whisky tinged lead singer channeling The Clash and barefaced rock’n’roll going straight for the jugular.


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