Breakin’ Loose- FRIENDLY FIRES

When talking about Friendly Fires it seems to be mandatory to mention fellow indies the Klaxons and the Foals in the same sentence. All 3 bands inhabit the same hallowed space in the rock critics’ repertoire where superlatives like high-end fizz, euphoric synths and balearic bliss are bandied about like baseline volleys at Wimbledon finals. Each band has been nominated for a Mercury Prize and comprises of young men in gravity defying hairdos so indistinguishable from another, you could swap members at will and be none the wiser. Out of these 3 bands, Friendly Fires seem the most commercially successful, based on nothing more scientific than me not being able to name even one track by the other two bands, but trying to swat away Hawaiian Air by the Friendlies all summer.  However, these St Albans lads have finally seduced me with their 80s influenced Hall and Oates sounding dance funky “Hurting”, which is like giving a parched girl a bottle of bubbly to quell the thirst. In the end the way to this girl’s heart is straight and simple. A rolling 80s dance groove combined with a few modern jangly bits and an effortlessly feel good vibe are what my pop fantasies are made of.


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