For 19 years and counting Later…With Jools Holland has been a British TV institution. The format of the show is simple. Each week Jools Holland (a pianist and a bandleader) invites five bands and/or artists to his studio. They all perform in the round, the five bands literally forming a circle on the studio floor with audience members filling in the gaps between. The show kicks off with a jam session with all the artists involved, then moves on to individual performances. And did I mention it is all broadcast live. With real instruments. There are no backing tapes, no lip synching, no auto-tune to hide behind in. Even more exposed part of the show is ‘the spotlight’, where an invited artist takes the middle of the floor, performing literally in a single spotlight. A few weeks ago into this solo spot stepped a relatively unknown 22-year-old Londoner with a guitar and a voice like liquid gold. Lianne La Havas writes delicately intimate songs, accompanied by a few rudimentary guitar chords, but when combined, they just make the music dance. It’s  like a beautiful waltz between the sung melody and the simple arrangements.  Her mother is Jamaican, her father is Greek and she was born in London. Sometimes I think it’s this crazy boiling pot of a town that somehow creates these perfect storms of talent, like diamonds forming under pressure or stars colliding in a vast random universe producing awe-inspiring beauty.


5 thoughts on “When In Rome- LIANNE LA HAVAS

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  1. I went to Rome when I was younger, and it snowed when we went to the top of St. Peter’s church. It also rained EVERY SINGLE DAY!
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  2. I love your blog! I am here in Los Angeles with a new site dedicated to promoting local artists in the city, and it’s so fun to stumble upon your blog and see you doing the same thing with musicians in England. Probably never would have heard of this lovely singer Lianne otherwise. I could listen to this song over and over!

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