Somebody To Hate- THE TING TINGS

The thing about England, (and there are lots of things about England, this bankrupt hot mess we all in live in), that it still, in my opinion, produces some of the best rock bands in the world. Built on the time honoured tradition of the Beatles, the biggest concentration of modern greats seem to centre around the Northern part of the country, where the industrial “it’s grim up there” image of the region (however false) allows for the music to cut through bullshit the way the chinzy tea dominions of the Cotswalds never could. I Am Kloot, Oasis, The Verve, Delphic and Doves are just some of the greats carrying the Northern flag. The Ting Tings rose from the art house commune of the Islington Mill Studios (so named after the Manchester cotton weaving mill that once occupied the site) with their “We Started Nothing” debut, an aggressive pop stance in 2008 against the traditionally lad oriented rock of the Manchester scene. Their flipping a bird to the establishment singles “That’s Not My Name” and “Shut Up And Let Me Go” have now made way to the funkier Red-Hot-Chilli-Peppers influenced “Hang It Up”, which is ushering in a new rockier Ting Tings vibe. It has more sass and bounce to the dollar and just enough ‘tude to remind us that, behind all this new Cali swagger, it’s still the spikey mancunian hearts that beat in the sound of this band.


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