Only If It’s Not A Date Though- KING CHARLES

Durham University in Northern England is an actual castle. Built as a fortress in 1072,  King Henry VIII (the one who killed off a lot of his wives)  had a vision for a university on the site already  in the 1500s, but it wasn’t until  1832 that the university was finally founded. Fast forward a couple of hundred years when a dashing sociology student from London enters as a mere mortal, and exits as the glam-folk regent King Charles of West London. King Charles was part of the original wave of nu-folk that for a few short years made a small watering hole in Fulham (the now closed Bosun’s Locker) the centre of the music universe, often sharing the stage with the likes of Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling and Noah and The Whale. An accident in 2009 sidelined a career in a steep vertical ascent but like a Dali-esque vision of a Regency dandy, he is back with his brand new (self-described) Mood Moment Memory music; a hot eclectic mix of folk psychedelia, frazzled pop beats and even a bit of bluegrass and country. I love his originality. The image is a debonaire time traveller who just recently discovered electric guitars and Hendrix, the lyrics are full of witty observations on love and the sound is infectious and unique . He does not fit a mould, his eyes are like two pools of dark velvety chocolate, and above all, he made me smile today. Here’s me paying it forward. Enjoy.


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  1. Henry had 6 wives, only two of which were beheaded on charges of treason. One died in childbirth, two had the marriages annulled, and one survived him.

    Don’t you just hate history pedants! 😀


  2. Quirky can be a good thing, especially when it doesn’t take itself too seriously yet still manages to entertain and titillate. I may just have to pay this forward on my blog as well. Your doing a bang up job dear fellow blogger. Peace.

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