She, of the powerhouse soul variety, has pointed one of her beautifully manicured fingers at him and said; I’ll have some of that thank you. He, with his soft and comforting sound beautifully cushions her bittersweet raw emotion. She sings every line like it’s a matter of life and death. He sings like he believes. Both are spine-tinglingly astounding new generation retro crooners. Their vibes echo from a bygone era where passion could still change the world and  revolutions began in smokey beatnik cafes in Allen Ginsberg verse. Rarely have two artists been so perfectly matched. Adele has selected Michael Kiwanuka to open her forthcoming US and European tour dates. By choosing Michael, she may have “discovered” one of the biggest finds of the year, an artist who effortlessly brings the soul of Otis and Marvin back to life, adding a gritty London twist by the way of Uganda. (Michael was born in London but his parents are from the East African republic).   Kiwanuka’s gorgeously contemplative “I’m Getting Ready” is an acoustic hymn on the complexities and the challenges of faith and what it truly takes to believe. Introspective and gentle music for a quiet Sunday morning.


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