Any interview or article on Charlotte Gainsbourg inescapably starts with her famous father. Serge Gainsbourg was a French ‘enfant terrible’ who loved the most beautiful women on the planet (most notably Brigitte Bardot and Charlotte’s mother Jane Birkin, an iconic 60’s model and the inspiration for the Hermès Birkin Bag) then courted controversy all his life with his provocative songs and excessive lifestyle. He was like the French Frank Sinatra, only more punk. Charlotte  has inherited her father’s rebel streak by choosing to sing in English in a country where 40% of radio airplay is required to be in French by law. Maybe it is to escape the long shadow of her father (whose musical legacy is so much part of the national psyche his lyrics are  quoted freely even today) or maybe it is to gain more exposure in an anglocentric world. Whatever the case, she has once again teamed up with Beck  for her upcoming EP (who also collaborated on her album “IRM”) on a dancey electro pop stomper which all but solidifies her reputation as a sexy indie icon. I admire Charlotte Gainsbourg, not only for being a kick ass rock chick and 40-year old mother of two, but for carving out her own musical identity. In fact, I’d quite like to be Charlotte Gainsbourg when I grow up.


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