Museum Pieces- SAM DUCKWORTH

Sometimes finding music to love is hard work. On a weekly basis I trawl through countless new releases and re-releases to find that one spark, one tug of the ol’ heartstrings to make my soul take flight.  I am not at all particular about the style of music, the artist, the coolness factor or the reviews, all I want to do is love a song. It can be anything; a line of a lyric, a particular chord progression, surprising melody or even just a good groove to put a smile on my face.  And above all, I want to feel a song. Rage, love, tears, nostalgia, anger- anything to lift me out of a humdrum Wednesday afternoon plodding on in quiet despair. During one of my more frustrating scouting sessions, I stumbled upon Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. The caped crusader was revealed to be a 25 year old Essex indie rocker named Sam Duckworth. On his fourth album Sam has left his side-kick back to the bat cave and released a beautifully reflective album of moments in time. “Mannequin” is full of perfectly-formed and understated pop songs that speak volumes in their hushed tones. “Angels in the Snow” is a twinkly and delicate dreamscape of a world changed forever. This is what beauty sounds like.



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