Unfamiliar Places- LEONA LEWIS

As August rapidly walks down memory lane and summer is deader than disco, (at least in England where we’ve had the coldest season in 18 years) I’m hoping for a bit of indian summer to warm my cockles before the onslaught of winter. In the absence of any actual heat, or most days even sunlight, I make do with our own little cockney sparrow, who in her latest video for “Collide” flaunts the kind of holidays we all wish we had. You know, hot guys (and girls) on hot sandy beaches and  even hotter beach  bonfires under the stars at night. (Mine was 2 weeks in torrential rain, in case you were wondering.) The Malibu Gidget frolicking in the video has almost nothing in common with the meek reality show contestant we all grew to love, except for her voice of course, which booms as deep and rich as ever. Very reminiscent of the once great Whitney Houston. “Collide” has the sexiest build-up to an euphoric catchy chorus. The verses may all be about restraint, but when she lets its rip in the chorus… ain’t no other diva to rival her on the charts today.


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