What Kind Of Love?- WILL YOUNG

Will Young’s previous album “Let It Go” was billed as his break-up album, written and released in the aftermath of his separation from a dancer named Conor. Introspective and at times fragile, it did however include glimmers of hope in songs like “Changes” that reflected  being stuck in a moment, but also the yearning to break free. What price freedom, one might ask, as “Jealousy” from Will’s fifth studio album is supposedly inspired by a chance encounter with an old lover in an elevator that “knocked him sideways, like being struck in the gut”. Ghost of Conor gone before, anyone? Wheather “Jealousy” is inspired by the loathsome Conor, or some other odious lover (who would ever leave Will?!) it lures you in with its delectable dark undertows, revealing a diary of a love obsessessive or a handbook for the wanna-be stalker. The menacing acrobatic video is also quite brilliant, very Black Swan. Richard X’s slick production prompted The Guardian to call this polite dance music for the middle-agers. I call it class. It cannot be bought, you either have it or you don’t. Will has it in spades.


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