The Flashing Light- EMELI SANDE

Summer usually hits the city like a sodden hot rag across the face; suddenly, always unexpectedly and leaving a damp streak in its wake. Thats when the rich start boarding their planes to the French Riviera, the middle-classes steer their kids and their VW Polos to the shore, and finally the city belongs to us; the workers, the vagabonds and the lonely hearts rattling around the empty streets like spare change in a tin can. There is something captivating about a thinned-out city, it’s quiet mornings, its gentler pace, and the feeling these streets belong to you alone. So if you are one of these lucky summer castaways, I have the perfect soundtrack to your balmy rooftop evenings, when the bbq smoke mixes with the thick traffic fumes, the red lanterns softly sway in the evening breeze and the mojito you are holding airbrushes the cityscape to a postcard of wish you were here. Emeli Sandé , a former medical student from Glasgow has released a luscious and jazzy soul groove of a debut. “Heaven” re-assuringly lends from the early-90s vibe, and that incredible voice is clearly heading where its meant to be- to the toppermost of the poppermost.


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