Love Is A Fate Resigned

It was a long time coming. Snakeing through the dark alleyways north of the river, stopping at ale houses, flashing on the headlines, slowly dimming in the blaze of flash bulbs. We are not surprised, us, the silent witnesses, the ones who looked back and stared. But its human nature, the heart that grips the truth, the part of the brain that shocks the unbelievable, denying what we knew all along. Hope against hope keeps this world turning, the impropable solution to the brutal truth, that most of us choose not to see. Maybe in the end this city defeats us all. Maybe in the end there is no bigger meaning to be found here, just little dots, falling like dominoes, creating a straight flat line to the inevitable conclusion. Yet, still it shocks, stops and stands still. It was a long time coming. But maybe that’s just how it sometimes goes. We will always miss you, Amy. Always.


5 thoughts on “Love Is A Fate Resigned

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  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful post and toast to an incredible artist.
    Listening to Back to Black today and also some great covers of Rehab by Radiators, Keller Williams….
    “I cheated myself, like I knew I would…you know I’m no good.”


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