Sleight of Hand

Incubus are synonymus with my love affair with the City of Angels. Even today they are the one LA band that can immediately transport me back to the warm Sunset evenings, spent under the butterfly ceiling at Chateau Marmont or sitting at the hallowed bar at Barney’s Beanery, knocking back Coronas with the ghosts of Joplin and Morrison before moving up to the Observatory to admire the Emerald City twinkling infinity right before my eyes. During the day I wear my memories on my sleeve, at night I skywalk to the edge of the ocean. That’s why I fall into “Promises” like to a feathered bed after a long ardous day. Swathed in the blanket of Brandon’s words I wish for my own sleight of hand, then lay my  head on the melody and close my eyes for 4 minutes and 25 seconds to time travel the years.


4 thoughts on “Sleight of Hand

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  1. There is something about these long summer days and sultry nites that bring on the nostalgia. You not only bring the music, but the melody as well. Love your style and your swagger.
    Happy 4th!

  2. Oh wow. I must’ve done something right. It led me to your blog! Just four posts and I am in love, I can’t wait to read the rest! I am obsessed with L.A., too, and have a playlist in my iPod/iTunes that contain all the songs I could find with “California” in the title–you know, to take me back whenever I feel the need to be taken back. 🙂

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