Blow Your Trumpet

For years Nicola Roberts propped up the back row of that eponymous girl band “Girls Aloud”, little more than a glorified back-up singer with a sulky expression and a red mane as her only weapons of mass destruction. And destruct they did, The Girls, with over 20 top 10 singles and five studio albums of short skirts with lots of mincing and suggestively dipping it for the boys, cause y’know, it’s a long hot summer and it’s 95 degrees in the shade (video evidence for the Girls Aloud virgins). Tellingly in a recent interview when asked what her most miserable year has been, she answered the years between 2003 and 2008, the Girls Aloud years, suggesting maybe of claws at dawn tactics of other band members to hog the spotlight. Whilst Cheryl Cole has been getting the arse kicking of a lifetime by being fired off the US X-Factor and Nadine Coyle must be hiding in a hole somewhere after the embarrassment of her debut single (so bad even the sole distributor Tesco supermarkets dropped it), Nicola has been beavering away in the studio with some solid electro pop heavy-hitters: Diplo, Draqonette and Joe Mount (of Meytronomy). The result is a a brilliant and wacky  solo debut and possibly the coolest pop song of the year so far. With this one genius grand slam move, Roberts has just rendered the rest of the Girls Aloud as null and void. Priceless!


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