One More Beer

Kings of Leon’s fifth offering was tailor-made to fill stadiums. “Come Around Sundown” echos off nosebleed rafters into the starry starry night as the  Followill  boys graduate to the U2 echelon of rock’n’roll fame. Two years ago “Sex On Fire” took a ramshackle bluegrassy rock band from the deepest darkest Tennessee to the centre of the universe. Caleb, knowing full well  ‘heavy lies the head that wears the crown’ has fretted over the band’s phenomenal success. But once you’ve found gold in them cornfields, there ain’t no way back my friend, no matter how many times you deny Glee the opportunity to murder “Sex On Fire” on global primetime. The cat is out of the proverbial bag and you only really have two options- you either  go big or you go home. Kings went big of course, but there is one song in the middle of “Come Around” that suggests to me home remains  where the heart is. For nearly two and a half minutes “Back Down South” has only one bass note and one chord. There are no big choruses here, just a sombre invitation to dance,  perhaps for the last time as the Followills intended; sweaty and high on moonshine, with only the country fiddles and the slide guitars guiding your way to a future that in the end was never to be.


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  1. Unlike most of my friends, I actually really like this album. Got to see them play a free show in Houston in March and they really impressed me. I really love the song “Mary” and “Radioactive” a lot.

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