You And Your Reflection

It’s pistols at dawn for Danger Mouse on his new album with Italian composer Daniele Luppi. At the beginning of “Two Against One”  you can almost hear the saloon door slamming behind you in the middle of a dog day afternoon. A lonely tumbleweed scurries down main street,  a dark figure stands at the door, and we all know when this game ends, there’s no glory to be found here . There’s a whole concept album behind “Two Against One”- an homage to the music of Ennio Morricone, a prolific film composer of Italian spaghetti westerns of the ’60s and ’70s. Each track on “Rome” (so entitled due to the birthplace of the album) suggests a scene from a movie; there’s a “Gambling Priest” and a “Problem Queen” whilst a great “Matador Has Fallen” in a “Morning Fog”. In this filmless soundtrack the hollow vocals of (ex White Stripe) Jack White just add  to the eerie and mournful feel of our tortured town, reminding us  there’s nothing to be had here but a fistful of dollars and  a few shattered dreams. I wasn’t expecting Rome from a man behind Gnarls Barkley and the mixing desks of U2 and the Gorillaz, but I am completely under the spell of its lusciously dark romance.


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  1. You paint an intriguing picture, this track for me is bang on the money, lyrics are so crafty, like this alot. Hope you and yours are well- Respect and Peace!

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