Break A Mirror

In a way I feel like the poor mother who was in the news this week for having to attend a Arctic Monkeys concert with her son due to ticket touting laws (she had bought the ticket for her son and the law says the credit card holder must attend the show) even though she loudly protested “But I don’t even like the Arctic Monkeys!” Ever since Alex Turner & Co arrived on the scene, with their indie swagger and publicity hide and seek stunts (No pictures of the band exists! No one knows what they look like!) I haven’t, quite frankly, taken a blind bit of notice. The Libertines were off the boil (and their heads) and in my mind the Monkeys merely stepped in to fill a rock void. With a few cool tunes. Well, well, well.  Then “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair” arrives. It starts slow and sexy, Turner snarling about grizzly bears and chip pan fires (yeah, me neither) then gets down and dirty with headbanging guitars and throws its weight around like sulking rock star on a ten day bender. That is to say, I have a feeling these Sheffield lads are seriously gonna rock my world this summer. And I don’t even like the Arctic Monkeys.



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  1. I love the Arctic Monkeys. I loved the Libertines and Babyshambles and all that too, but the Arctic Monkeys have the distinction of a lead singer in control of all his mental functions. Apparently, Doherty was just sentenced to 6 months in jail today, which is a shame because the boy had some ridiculous talent back in the day.

  2. My heart bleeds for this poor lady. I hate the Arctic Monkeys because I was once “told” by an inebriated fan that “I HAD to like them because they made intelligent music”…… There is nothing else he could have said that would have made me dislike them more intensesly…. despite not having heard them. When I did hear them I didn’t like them because of what they sounded like.

    Had to share that with you.
    Great blog by the way.

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