Timeless Search

Secret Love arrives from 1975, dressed in ribbons and lace, with the swish of the palm trees still whispering  memories of cocaine cowboys and the songs that made us all check into Hotel California for a while. Stevie Nicks is as timeless as the tide. At 62, she is still dancing on the moonbeam. What started as a scribbled love note to a long forgotten love, Secret Love ended up as a discarded demo on Stevie’s attick for nearly 30 years. Enter 2011 and  Dave Stewart who glossed it up to launch “In Your Dreams” her first solo album in 10 years. The bells and whistles here don’t search for the keys to the current, but her pointy boots are firmly rooted in classic rock, the kind that made her in  the ’70s. And it is so easy and effortless, the sound of knowing who you are. Today’s music is so high on hemlines and so low on genuine rock stars, its great to have a real rock queen back who can show’em how it’s really done.


4 thoughts on “Timeless Search

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  1. Great song! Stevie Nicks is one of rock n roll’s legends, with an original voice and well known for style. The old Fleetwood Mac heyday brought us some unforgettable tracks, I loved the song “Rhiannon” for sure.
    Awesome post!

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