Silver-Lined Believer

When you’re down and out, what you need is a blues man telling you what don’t kill you, will hurt like hell. Rasping world-weary tales of weathered storms, he will alleviate your overwrought soul by having lived and loved battered and bruised, only his heartache has become a silver lining, his scars a sign of virtue. It’s that consoling you need when walking through the storm, that belief in the balance of the universe, where life knocks you sideways only to balance itself out in the end. What he does is,  he gives your vexing heart a voice. A bridge over troubled water indeed. Vintage Trouble are weaving their own brand of salvation from the Harvelle’s Blues Club in Santa Monica, California where they hold court Tuesday nights. Ty Taylor has tried on many hats, from fronting the next big thing bands that came to nothing, to trying on some Aussie flavour for RockStar INXS  (only to be sent packing with that talent show monicker “too Broadway”). There is some poetic beauty for when the hat finally fits, or in this case the suit; the 70s chic polyester, the turtleneck, the sideburns. Vintage Trouble are a straight from the gut, powerhouse of a rhythmn and blues band with “live-wired, dirty-mouthed, pelvis-pushing juke sound from LA”. They said it, I feel it, and you should definitely hear it.


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