Sometimes I Wanna Disappear

Mark Foster from LA indie synth rock band Foster The People is a kindred spirit. He scaled three fences at a power plant to crash a Kanye West show after fire marshalls shut it down. I haven’t had to scale any walls, but I would. Seriously. Foster lives in a dilapitated faded glory building somewhere in the middle of Hollywood, next to Superman and Freddie Kruger, and as a day job writes jingles for commercials and TV shows out of his cigarrete smoke filled shady rooms. With his band Foster The People he is  riding a bullet after their Coachella debut earlier this month. And thanks to a German music blogger (holla! for all the fellow music bloggers out there) who gave them a rocket by posting Foster’s sexy summer time simmer “Pumped Up Kicks” on her blog and alighted The Hype Machine on fire. Yeah, she’s gotta dinner date lined up with the Fosters after they hit Europe later this year. Their sound is just so feel good and smooth, floating about in a fluffy pop cloud, choruses weightless and lighthearted, hooks addictive and pulsing through my indie rock veins. I’ve heard them being compared to MGMT, only more commercial, as if that would be a bad thing. What is wrong with a bit of eternal summer I say. Sometimes happiness is just simply an outreageously infectious verse and a refrain. Put this band on your radar.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wanna Disappear

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  1. Have to admit, I’m getting tired of “Pumped Up Kicks.” It was cute when it first started making the rounds, but now that it’s playing on mainstream radio, I’m just waiting for the backlash.

  2. Your blog is just what I need to discover new music! Just subscribed – and thanks for your comment on my blog.

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