Make A Memory That Will Stay

Much is made of the lack of information about the Cults. Someone somewhere dug up a few tidbits; they are from Brooklyn (or possibly San Diego), are dating and both are film students. In the few publicity shots I have seen, they look like a pair of afghan hounds or supermodel street urchins, mostly just limbs and hair with strategically obscured faces. Weather this information embargo is unintentional or clever marketing, it presents a rather fetching blank canvas for the Cults. They are whatever you want them to be. “Go Outside” chimes in on orchestra bells over a muffled din of a TV, almost like a small gap in a time continuum through which you can glimpse at a long lost memory, quivering just there, almost at reach,  but then retreating to a muted fog of the past. Even her vocals go in and out of focus, creating a daydream semblance of a dog day afternoon. A beautiful melody that becomes a great escape.


5 thoughts on “Make A Memory That Will Stay

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  1. Great writing. I think this song was mixed in a very original way. It kind of has a Chinese feel in the vocal melody. I bet it will be in a commercial if it hasn’t already.

  2. i had never heard this song or of this group before, but I LOVE it! thanks for sharing!
    p.s. mission accomplished: i’m going to buy the song =)

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