It’s Hard Where You’re Living

Toro y Moi sounds like a Franco Spanglish restaurant serving the culinarily confused fair of frog legs con chorizo, but in reality is a wiz kid from from South Carolina who knows more about levers and knobs on a mixing board than I know about Sunday afternoons sloshed in white wine. More laid back than the other 70s funkadelia maestro Jamiroquai, Toro y Moi paint the world in leisure suit beige  pulsating  with fuzztones of disco funk. This is fly on the wall Studio 54 stuff, smoke and mirrors behind the velvet rope, smudged mascara stains on sweaty cheeks and last grooves on the dancefloor before the carriage turns into a pumpkin and reality hits home like a sledghammer to the brain. Chaz Bundick is so good with fiddling buttons on a console in fact (or samples on a computer) that he has another French sounding side project, Les Sins, which spins loops faster than a hustler spins his web of lies. Growing up in a town of bar jams and country bands, Toro y Moi sticks out like an alien in a county fair, and credits his success to being the only fish in a very small pond. Fans of the late great James Brown may disagree, but not since the godfather of soul departed this eartly plane has South Carolina seen anyone this supafly.


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